Why Astrology Is Beneficial

Why it’s used? What is it used for? Does it work or not? How can anyone do it themselves? You don’t have to believe if astrology works. I want to suggest that you look at it from a different perspective. I believe if you know how to read astrology correctly with understanding then you will start to notice different planets in your birth chart and what a planet means and where its placed on your chart and it will determine why you act a certain way or why you’re drawn more to certain things. Our birth charts have so much information in them that it makes me fall in love more and more because you learn one thing and after that, you want to keep finding out what the other planets mean and how they affect you or help you. for an example, when you better understand yourself and the pros and cons of you, your better off at handling issues or conflicts better or if you never quite knew why you were so sensitive about a certain subject, it could be due to a planet being in a water sign and where its placed. My philosophy is this, if you better understand yourself then it will help you be more aware, conscious and understanding. When I fell in love with astrology was when I noticed how I started understanding the planets and really realizing how I am. Most of the time you are blind to your actions and personality so when you see what’s going on in your chart, it makes you step out of self and even if you’re a certain way if it’s bad or good, you still have control of your actions and thoughts.

Everyone and everything in life is a juvenile delinquent or a good student. Pick one? The great thing about life is we have a brain and we have choices so when you see a planet and the sign maybe not in your favor, you can work on your weakness and choose to be the good student. We all have pros and cons in our astrology charts, but its something about being aware of it and how you can focus on bettering yourself. Always think positive. Thoughts become things. God created everything good so focus on the good. Just like years ago when there weren’t clocks to tell time. History books teach us where we had to use the weather, signs, and stars to help guide us and all celestial to give us the knowledge we have today. I’ve been recently introduced to the Laws of Quantum Physics and how weird it is. Researching Quantum Physics opens my brain to new levels with astrology and help me understand for more than I realized and that is what learning is all about. Quantum tells us how everything in the universe is connected. Modern Science is too weak to understand Astrology because Quantum Physics goes DEEP.

Understanding your astrology chart helps you understand how you THINK, FEEL, SPEAK, and ACT. Are you intrigued now? Think of yourself as being a car for a moment. Understand the car you drive, what to give it, what will help the car drive better, what oil to give it and how to take care of it. Learn about your car. Learn what will help you be the best you. Learn about your emotional self. Do you know the four elements which are FIRE, EARTH, WATER, and AIR? Do you know the planet which are your SUN, MOON, VENUS, MARS, MERCURY, NEPTUNE, SATURN, JUPITER, PLUTO, NORTH NODE and the meanings? Learn them to know your car and better understand yourself. Do you want to be better? I would assume you do or I hope so. Thoughts proceed feelings. What do you think when you think of anything? Is it in your favor. Well, knowing your chart and understanding your car is in your favor. Think forward to thrive.

I would like to leave you with this however, the way you choose to speak, feel, think and act, you’ll be responsible for your actions. Let your actions shine because you know the car you drive and what oil to give it. Some people never know what oil to use in their car and eventually the car isn’t working properly. So If there’s a lot of weeds in your life, it’s because you planted them. What you plant grows. I’m growing beautiful sunflowers and I hope you do too.

Thanks for reading, XOXO

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The Adventureful Journey of Living

Living life can have many beauties, if only we keep our minds focused on the adventure, rather than the humdrum. Life is unconsciously learning about new things that we can’t control and we’re naturally forced to choose which journey to take based on our foundation from youth and beliefs formed from childhood. I firmly believe that whatever our norm was as youth determines our adulthood. We have a choice. We can choose to be whatever we want. Our thoughts turn into our actions. What we think, will be. Do we have choices? Yes. Our direction is based on our own ideas and dreams and beliefs. In my college years, I wondered how people come from trauma but turn out the total opposite and become great people. Well, I can admit that I’ve talked to people and asked them many questions and it always came to, that they didn’t want to be like their past norm and that they wanted better. They and even myself at times, had drive and determination of positive thoughts telling themselves strive for greatness and they had choices to think about. All of us have faced some form of trauma, chaos, pain, illnesses, frustration and all of that can make any of us feel lonely, abandoned and lifeless. But you can’t get broken because of it. It makes us stronger and wiser to go through those rough patches in life.

I can’t talk about Life and how its an adventure and leave out what we naturally face in life, which is the rough patches from time to time. Living life can be sunny, which we love those sunny days but life can have its share of rain and storms too. Living can’t always be perfect and grand. Choices. I can choose to be free of my past or live in it. We’re all left with choices daily. We all go through storms too and I feel that without the storms how can you learn something. In my opinion, we learn in every situation rather its good or bad. What you learn from situations is what shapes your future because you will be forced to pick the path you want. I have a 2-year-old boy and I know there’s going to be so many situations he will be in and choices that he will make. We will teach him right from wrong and give him all the information he will need for life and try our best, but no matter what, Gabe will force his own opinion and make choices and go on his own adventure. Just like myself, I grew up in a one parent household and saw my mom daily keep a roof over our heads, cook delicious meals and she never complained. My mom worked as a cook at my high school and I saw her try so hard. What I took from that was work hard, try not to complain and just do what needs to be done and get the job done. I chose to be a fighter, be better than my mom and I had hopes of having better than my childhood. All because I saw my moms struggle, which helped me form my future. All of us witness some form of struggle or darkness as youths so we don’t want to live a mediocre life that only strives to be ordinary just like everyone else.  What’s the good in that type of life? Look around you. There are places to explore. Cultures to learn about. People to help. Information to obtain. many foods to taste. Different drinks to try. How can you possibly know what you truly like? When you’ve tried one thing and you fell in love with it, that’s just one out of so many. So, I don’t say I like one thing anymore or something is my favorite. I just simply say its good. Why? Because there are so many choices and so many kinds of everything in life. Don’t live in a cave. Don’t let your past dictate your future. Your future should be full of adventure and exploration. 

I know I can be all over the place with my writing but just know I’m coming from full honesty and openness. I am deeply passionate about my thoughts and I hope you get lifted from my blog posts!

Be Adventureful. Explore. &  Stay lifted.

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A Note To Consider

I wasn’t the very best in English but we’re all not that equipped to be the best in everything, so I would like you all to hear me out on what I have to say about chances given in life. Chances are given to all of us and sometimes your not given that many so it’s up to us to grasp upon our chances and opportunities because people regret never taking the opportunities they have that you could already possess. All my chances given to me in life always taught me something and forced me to reflect on what could’ve been. During my high school years I had so many chances and choices to do many things based on what I liked and what I wanted to explore, so I joined the basketball team, track team. Enjoyed both sports and made awesome experiences and memories!! Living life and not exploring what you want can lead to depression because your living in a box. My choices have given me many chances to be great and be better, even when life says no to you. Don’t ever give up, my soul would say to me and keep getting up and keep standing because if you made it this far from all that you’ve been through, then you might as well keep going. 

We all have unfortunate times and its not our fault. I feel we should blame ourselves when we don’t reflect on what has happened and learn from it and see the entire perspective. Really digging deep down inside your thoughts to weigh out all areas will really help you realize things that you might not want to admit or possible beliefs that could lead to why you had to face what you had to face. Yahweh’s mercy has given me a smile from cheek to cheek and confidence in my soul of pure happiness. Things happen in everyone’s life and at times you know that if it wasn’t for our heavenly father that ain’t no telling where you would’ve been. His grace and mercies are with us always and that’s what keeps me. Days that are unfortunate or great, are just like the the different seasons that change all year round, or like the weather that changes daily. Don’t ever think that anything can be stable because life isn’t like that. Always prepare to be flexible. We have to put all our trust in our creator from above and let him fight all our battles. Trust in him who knows all, and he will carry us all through. Situations come and go. Hold tight to the good moments and learn from the tough moments that we all face in life. Don’t ever think there’s a soul that hasn’t went through nothing and living just a perfect life. I feel we are born in this life crying for a reason because we have so much to face and so many tears to shed. 

Are you aware of situations that you were shocked at how you got out? Can you actually write off  Yahweh did it? Isn’t it proof seeing the sun rise daily? The signs of the weather changing, and being left with a deep thought of who created all of this? In closing up my diary, Yahweh gives us all mercy after mercy and chances that over flow our cups. Thanking him is what I do always. There’s been many times I had to give him praise because he brought me out of situation after situation. You and I know if it had to be the devil’s way then things would’ve ended up poorly. Sometimes, things happen that are unfortunate and dark but that doesn’t mean our heavenly father doesn’t care. Our creator’s love is so strong that he sent Jesus to die for our sins so we can have chances after chances to make it right. We our human, so we have to take full responsibility of our actions and our thoughts. Blaming others or our parents is the norm but what if it wasn’t their fault. What if they just simply didn’t know how to do whatever. What if they did all they knew to do. What if they really tried and just wasn’t fit for it. Just start from where your at in my opinion, and be better, think positive and you might realize some things. Nothing in life is perfect. We’re all out here looking for love and sunny days. Yahweh is my Joy, Peace, Shelter, Protector, Lawyer, Provider and Happiness. He’s my everything. I hope you let him be everything positive in your life and let all the negativity burn in the flames of hell where you shouldn’t go. Live. Laugh. Love… 

XOXO, Thanks for reading and Enjoy!!

Ashley Ferguson
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The Internet is Overrated

After the graduation from college, was when I bought my 1st cell phone. Throughout college, I didn’t care for one and was only using dorm phones or friends phone’s to call family.  Summer of 2011 after graduation I noticed how much time was spent on social media sites, internet games apps, dating accounts, and communicated on cell phones a lot. Then the tech world discovered the ear plugs and advanced earphones, which helped a lot due to having aches in my arm for holding the phone to ear so much. So having earphones helped a bunch. To make a  long story short any time I would realize that I had spent almost all day on the internet and didn’t do anything else productive other than work, was when I saw it was a huge problem. I thought to myself where is the humanity? Where is the face to face contact? Where is the active nature that humans are naturally supposed to show?

Remember the days when you would wake up and be productive and handle whatever was needed and then you would go be naturally social. Remember? Like drive or walk to a friends house, walk or drive to grandparents houses or cousins? Those where the days where we didn’t even think about having or even looking at a phone. Nowadays, it’s not the same. Today, we have to have it, due to all the advance knowledge and work, communication and so on. Awareness. Are we aware of  our time? Where is most of our time being spent? So as of August 2018, I am a stay at home mom, wife, and enjoy a great time raising my beautiful and healthy 2 year old boy named Gabriel. Life for me at the moment is great, its ever so moving at a fast pace, so making sure my son is getting all the nurture and support and education is all where my happiness and passion is. Gabe is growing so fast. It was like yesterday we brought him home from the hospital. Time flies. I was barely even on my phone unless it was with family and it was short conversations. 1st time moms in my opinion really put all their gusto in everything mom like. I would panic over any, every little thing, and all the other moms of 2 or more would say, it will get easier when you have more. I kinda believe them too. All I did after Gabe came home from the hospital for the first time was to breastfeed, nurture him, read to him, lots of cuddles, doctor appointments and visit with family. Barely no phone usage.

What I’ve been noticing while juggling all of the motherhood and wife-hood is my usage on my phone for social media and internet vs. face to face contact when my son is asleep. It can get out of hand at times to the point where I don’t want to put my phone down. It can be a major problem. Do you ever feel like or realize that the internet or phone usage for adults or children can get out of hand? Do you see in the School systems that the phone usage is out of hand vs taking the class seriously?

I have 7 steps to being more human vs a slave to internet usage:

  1. Have limitations for yourself and the children.
  2. Be more conscience of how much time is going into the internet. Be Aware.
  3. Balance your time with ALL things. Don’t spend 90% of your time doing 1 thing.
  4. Be more involved with family & meditation.
  5. Find your priorities and don’t let the internet over rule them.
  6. Eye contact is very important vs giving too much attention to the devices, so give more eye contact to the human aspect of life.
  7. Understand that you can easily abuse the internet, be aware of it too and form your own opinions on the pros and cons of the internet.

XOXO, Thank you!!

Ashley Ferguson
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Living for myself

You can go through life full of your high hopes, dreams and what I could’ve done but I didn’t, because of your negative mind set. I’ve been there too and I realize that thinking that way will have you stuck and miserable. You’ll live your life for others and not for you. Be free of the imprisonment of your mind. Who cares. You’re the only thing that should care right? If you like something, then try it. Don’t judge a book by its cover because you’ll never know how the experience will impact you. How can you truly experience happiness without exploring your truth and your hidden likes? 

My 7 steps of living are 1. KEEP GOD 1st, no matter what because without the creator in your heart, soul and mind your lost, confused, and not happy. 2. Think of stuff that make you happy and plan times to accomplish them. 3. Don’t ever put your happiness on the shelve, because I’m a witness of it and you’ll be miserable. 4. Always keep your happiness first because let’s be real, If your not happy then how can you possibly bring happiness in anyone else’s life. 5. Take time out for you, remember and know your worth. 6. Always remember your goals, keep the faith and continue accomplishing them, even if it takes awhile. 7. BE YOU, no matter what because whoever is for you, will always be for you through the dark times and sunny times. 

So reader’s,  I would like to leave you with this, everything happens for a reason. Don’t ever feel that you’re where you aren’t suppose to be. In my opinion,  WE ALL feel this way at times. It’s normal. As humans, we want what we want and we’re very impatient and way too greedy. Maybe it takes us having to step out of self at times to really explore a new road we’ve never been down. I mean, how would you know, if you didn’t give it a try? Try new stuff. Be Spontaneous. Relax & Jump up and down every once in awhile. Live!!

XOXO, Thank you!!

Ashley Ferguson
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On earth where everyone is masked, it’s a privilege to see a soul that is understanding, empathetic, and kind. As I go through life’s journey on a day to day, everyone around me, including myself wears a mask for many reasons like, hiding themselves, being secretive, boundaries, lack of trust for many reasons, insecure, afraid, lack of confidence, a victim of abuse or trauma and simply just not knowing because it’s been their norm their entire life to cover up the pain. I’ve realized and learned that it’s fine to take a moment or two and share your real truth, no matter what and in those moments your mask will be off and if the other person still wants to hide, then their not truly living. I think their living in a box and who wants to live like that?

Is there someone who knows your soul? Everything about you? I think its beneficial to have someone in your circle that knows your soul because in a world that is full of darkness, you should know that your not alone. we’re all souls out here and one thing is for sure, all of our bodies will at some point be buried in the ground. Connect with one another. Love hard. Try. Share. Help & Love.

Okay world… I literally can’t wait to hear from you!! I am new at all of this and I hope you enjoy my blog!

XOXO, Thank you!!

Ashley Ferguson
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